Parts of a Computer

by Barit and Uy

Hard Disk Drive
– A rectangular shaped part that has a thick exterior to protect the magnetic disks inside.
– It is a magnetic disk used to store computer data up to several gigabytes and even several terabytes.

Floppy Disk Drive
– A rectangular shaped device that has an opening to insert the floppy disks and also has a button to eject them. It has a port at the back that connects to the motherboard.
– It is used to read and write data on the floppy disks.

CD Drive
– A rectangular shaped device that has usually an open/close button so that the CD’s can be placed and removed from it. It has a port at the back that connects to the motherboard and it also has a connection to the power supply for its power.
– It is like a floppy disk drive that reads and sometimes writes on disks, except that it uses bigger capacity devices like CD’s and DVD’s than the floppy disks.

Tower or Case
– It is like a metal box that is designed for the parts to fit in it. It also has a built-in power supply. The style varies but the technical design does not.
– It serves as protection for the parts as well as to organize them in a way that it will not look too messy and complicated.img-8359

Random Access Memory (RAM)
– It looks like a green ruler that has gold plates at the bottom. It also has thin chips at the right side of it.
– It serves as the memory for the computer. More RAM working at the same time means additional performance for the computer.
– Technically, it functions as a primary computer data storage. It is called Random because any data it contains can be switched to use at will. This type of memory and only stores data until its source of power is cut off. If a computer becomes low on RAM during intensive application cycles, the computer can perform an operation known as “swapping”. In order to reduce the dependency on swapping, more RAM can be installed.

Video Card or Graphics Accelerator Card
– A rectangular shaped device that has one or more ports at one side for video displays and some other devices like projectors.
– It is used to send graphical information to video display device like monitors.
– It is a peripheral device whose function is to generate images for output. It is also called Graphics Accelerator to differentiate it from the Integrated Graphics Processor built within the motherboard.
– It has its own cooling fan and memory. There are two types of Video Cards according to the slots they use: the AGP and the PCI.

Power Supply Unit (PSU)
– The power supply is attached in the upper back of the case. It has three sockets at the back. It also has wires that connect to different parts especially in the motherboard.img-8217
– It converts the electricity to be used from the main outlet to the computer. Technically, it is a device or system that supplies electrical or other types of energy to an output load or group of loads.

– The motherboard looks like a thicker and wider sheet of paper with sockets and ports mounted on it. From afar, it looks like a miniature modern city.
– The motherboard holds the computer together. Almost all of the other parts are connected to it. It serves as the connection of those parts. It is like the backbone of the computer.img-8207

Ribbon Cables
– From its name, it looks like a ribbon. Many wires are placed adjacent to each other thus the cable looks wide.
– It is used to connect the hard disk drive, CD Drive and floppy disk drive to the motherboard.

– It contains all the functions of the Central Processing Unit or CPU in a small integrated circuit. Every computer requires a microprocessor in order to work as it contains the most basic but also the most important tasks, making it the heart of the machine. It is a complete engine fabricated into a small component.
– The microprocessor, especially its needles, is very sensitive and must be protected from outside pressure. It also produces heat. These are the reasons why it is usually found under the cooling fan.img-8201

Cooling Fan/ Processor Fan
– This is used for cooling purposes because a computer’s CPU produces a lot of heat while active. These fans work to keep the level of heat in a safe level using heat sinks to increase surface area which dissipates heat.img-82301

Modem or Modular Demodulator
– It is a device that modulates an analog carrier signal to encode digital information, and also demodulates such a carrier signal to decode the transmitted information. The goal is to produce a signal that can be transmitted easily and decoded to reproduce the original digital data. Modems can be used over any means of transmitting analog signals, from driven diodes to radio. The modem has a port which a network cable may be attached.


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